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The Goan Association Calgary

The Goan Association Calgary is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving and fostering a better understanding of the culture and traditions of Goans in Canada.

Our goal is to provide members with opportunities for friendly social, sports and recreation activities. We affiliate, support and cooperate with other Goan and like minded organizations. The Goan Association provides information and assistance to incoming Goans.


Bringing Our Community Together

Members of Goan Association Calgary have settled in Calgary from all over the world, calling it our home without losing our identity. Through our many events, we promote our heritage, culture and food – we are proud to call ourselves GOANS!
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Since the inception of the Goan Association Calgary in 1975, we are proud to have successfully organized numerous events promoting our Goan culture in Calgary.
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Our association continues to thrive in a friendly environment and new members are always welcome.

Our Programs

Executive Committee 2022-2023


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